System Benefits
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Benefits of the Protek System
Protek starts with the end user in focus and in doing so ensures a system with benefits for both the End User and Property Owner. And for architects and designers, unprecedented creative freedom.

Benefits for The End User

  • Lower Churn Costs
  • Full flexibility for partitioning, climate systems, power supply, data / voice and security systems
  • Up to 350 W/m2 cooling, without comfort problems
  • Attractive internal design
  • Healthy indoor environment
  • High staff density ratio per m2
  • Low noise levels, even with high cooling demands

Benefits for Architects

By placing all the services under the floor and using the floor void for air distribution, architects can design creatively, confident in the knowledge that they will not have to modify their design ideas to accommodate the mechanical and engineering functions of the building.

Any changes in the mechanical and engineering design during the construction process need not affect the creative design internally.

Benefits for Property Investors

  • Considerable cost savings compared to conventional systems, for the following reasons:
    • Fewer components required, e.g. less pipework, ducts, valves, etc.
    • Suspended ceiling not required. Where a suspended ceiling is used for lighting only or return air, the installation of such a ceiling is much simpler.
    • Fewer sub-contractors on site. Because of the modular and pre-fabricated nature of the product, very few trades are needed on site.
    • Very short programme on site because of the speed of installation of the system.
    • Lower cost of BMS system.
  • Increased amount of development costs can be classified as PMFF (Plant Machinery Fixture and Fittings). PMFF items can be depreciated and offset against income before payment of tax.
  • Shorter programme on site means that tenants can move in quicker, thus ensuring faster return on capital.
  • The Protek System eliminates the inflexibility of conventional piping, fixed ductwork and false ceilings, providing for flexibility in the building design. This ensures that, especially in speculative projects, depending on market conditions at the time of completion, each building can be let as a single or multi-tenanted property without involving costly design changes for the owner.
  • The Protek System is suitable for both new build projects and refurbishments.
  • By placing all services under the floor and using the floor void for air distribution, the Protek System lends itself to use in refurbishment of conservation and older buildings where period architectural features can be preserved, while at the same time providing modern, indoor working environments for 21st century companies.
  • In new build projects, using the Protek System instead of a conventional air conditioning system, will result in savings in floor to ceiling heights equivalent to an extra floor free on the average 10 storey building. i.e. build a 10 storey high building but get 11 floors and extra rental income using the Protek System.
  • Suitable for properties of all sizes, from 150/200m2 and upwards to hundreds of thousands of m2.
  • Possibility to postpone final fitout or change layout design easily to suit tenants' last minute needs; cash flow advantage.
  • Possibility to achieve higher rent by providing major advantages for the prospective End Users.