About Us

7-9 Breams Buildings
London, UK

Originally built in 1896, the facade of this building was sympathetically refurbished, retaining its original style. The internal finishes, also in keeping with its original style, incorporate architectural features such as plaster ceilings and cornices, fibre plaster mouldings and oak veneer joinery, etc. The design specifications, however, are pure 21st century! The Protek underfloor air conditioning system ensures a high standard of environmental comfort in the office space, integrating:

  • Fully outdoor integrated ventilation system controlled floor by floor with CO2 sensors elimination of conventional piping, fixed duct work and false ceilings
  • Utilisation of raised flooring to provide under floor space to locate all building pipework and distribution of power, voice and data, with easy access for installation and modification.
  • Floor void used entirely for the distribution of clean, conditioned air
  • Intelligent underfloor air terminals, which are individually controlled, distribute conditioned air to the workspace.

Additional benefits of this are:

  • Significantly lower energy costs and considerable savings on maintenance over traditional air conditioning
  • The accessibility which allows for thorough cleaning of the underfloor areas which supply the offices with air, thereby maintaining the hygiene of those areas.