About Us

77-79 Farringdon Road
London, UK

The building was erected in 1882 as the London premises of the Gainsborough-based firm of Marshall Sons & Company Ltd. The bricks and iron used in the building structure were made in Gainsborough and transported to London for use in the building.

WM Protek's Intelligent Underfloor Air-conditioning System was supplied for the re-development of this building. This included three Outdoor Airhandlers, eight Zone Units, and 160 RAG units with outdoor air controlled by C02 Sensors and Dampers, all utilising Protek's plug and play BMS, including remote monitoring and management.

WM Protek uses extremely low energy-consuming products, as well as having developed software which maximises energy efficiency. In addition, due to a trend in growing total-power consumption by IT products at an industry-wide level, increasing the demand on cities power grids, the property developer chose to follow the advice of the WM Protek System and run chillers during the night to produce stored ice for use by the air-conditioning system during the day. This frees up much more capacity for THE END USERS equipment during the daytime as well as saving energy by producing cooling during the night when there are lower outdoor temperatures. WM Proteks design and supply also provided Dry-Coolers for the possibility of free-cooling.

Turn Key design, built and commissioning was completed was in mid-2007 by Flexible Office in London Ltd with a two-year maintenance contract overlapping the warranty period.

Due to the buildings design for low energy consumption, use of environmentally friendly materials and a healthy buildings concept it has attracted tenants with a high target for a future global environment such as Steelcase UK Ltd, Timberland UK Ltd, and DSA Enginerring.

A voluntary BREEAM assessment after one years use of the building will be carried out and WM Protek will not be surprised if a grade of excellent is achieved.